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The Ealing Autumn Festival

The Ealing Autumn Festival has been an award-winning, multi-arts festival. It was founded in 2010 under the auspices of West London Arts Scene.


The Festival has had a special focus on highly innovative programming that encompasses music, opera, visual art, literature, film, dance, heritage and, more recently, digital events.


International stars have given outstanding performances and presentations. Highly accomplished members of the local community, who are nationally recognised in their field, have inspired audiences and participants.


The Festival has hosted artists and artistic work originating from Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, China, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, East Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as from the UK.


Work commissioned and created in Ealing has gone on to be performed and presented in Germany, Holland and Poland.


With the passage of time, West London Arts Scene’s activities have gradually taken place, not only in the autumn, but throughout the year. They have taken place in venues borough-wide, reaching out to every group among Ealing’s diverse communities.


Ealing Libraries and CCS (Cultural Community Solutions) have been major partners in this.

A Festival for the future?

We are now contemplating what the future will be.


The local authority Small Grant, which had become the mainstay of match-funding for much larger applications, was abolished at the beginning of 2015.


Funding that was agreed at the beginning of 2016 was unnecessarily delayed for so long - untill May 2017 - that our accounts went into negative equity. This happened at a crucial point in fundraising for 2017-18.


As a result, there is no Ealing Autumn Festival this year – which is deeply disappointing.


Each year has had its own theme:

Romance with Russia  2010

Liszt and the Genius of Hungary  2011

Delius and Dickens  2012

Britten among friends and the Fludde  2013

Stars in the familyGalileo, Lloyd Webber, Szirtes   2014

Magna Carta  2015-16

Truth and Reconciliation  2016-17


Click here for Highlights from 2010-2017 - achievements since 2010.



In 2017-18 our theme for the year is “Making Your Future”

West London’s award-winning, multi-arts festival takes place throughout the year at various venues in all parts of the London Borough of Ealing.


The Festival has a special focus on highly innovative programming that encompasses music, opera, visual art, literature, film, dance and heritage events.

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