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Art Competition

Truth and Reconciliation

An outstanding opportunity to take part in a new art project for 2016.
Are you aged 16 - 25 years?
Are resident or studying in Ealing?
Do you want to make a significant contribution to a major art project?
Arts Award and Duke of Edinburgh Award accreditation will be offered.
Prizes for materials and personal achievement.

Celebrating Shakespeare on April 23rd at Ealing Central Library with the opening of the new exhibition: Truth and Reconciliation


Send us:

- a photo of an A2 size mood-board with initial ideas on the theme of Truth and Reconciliation. This can contain work you have already done.

- a photo of your best completed work (does not have to be an abstract). Please include details of the medium and dimensions.

-  a completed entry form. Click here when you are ready enter.



We will be looking for a selection of interesting visual images, collected, drawn or made that express initial thoughts on the theme of Truth and Reconciliation and displayed on an A2 mood-board.


The images can be first hand, second hand or found and may include sketches, collages, photos and any other material which suggests initial ideas that can be developed for the project.


A panel of artists will select the winning students whose decision is final.



Mark your mood-board and completed work with a pseudonym, that is a name that is not your own. Your own name MUST NOT appear on the mood-board or your completed work so that your work appears completey anonymously to the judging the panel.



All work must be your original artwork.



Send us photos of your mood-board and completed piece of work:

- by email If the attachment is too large for an email message, send it via: Use our email address in the attachment:

- by post to: Art Competition, Ealing Autumn Festival, 76 Milton Road, London W7 1LE.


Send us your completed entry form:

- using the entry form on this website: 

- by email (if you have a suitable form):

- by post together with your mood-board and complete piece of work.


CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS has been extended to:

March 18th by 5pm.

Nothing will come of nothing.

So enter now!

Click here for the Entry Form.


Each young winning artist will be awarded a prize up to the total value of £100:

  • £40 will be allocated to the young artist to pay for materials (canvas, paint, etc.)

  • £20 will be allocated as volunteer expenses for fares and other expenses during the course of the exhibition (keep all receipts!).

  • £40 will be given as a personal prize to each young artist at the end of the exhibition.

The course of true love never did run smooth.


However we want to our project to go without too many problems!

Make sure that you will be free when you are needed to take part in the project.

A stress-free atmosphere gives you the best chance to do your best work and builds team-work and mutual respect.

Once you have committed to a date and time make sure keep to it!


The Ealing Autumn Festival is offering prizes to young artists for the materials they will need to take part in the project and for their personal achievement.

You must be 16-25 years of age and resident or studying in the London Borough of Ealing.



You will have a strong interest in painting in an abstract style or in a way that reflects some aspect of abstraction or want to develop this style.



You will work alongside mature artists in designing, completing and managing an exhibition which you will take on a high-profile tour throughout all Ealing Libraries.



You will record your experience of the project for your personal statement or cv and gain national accreditation for your work via Arts Awards or Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



You will be nominated by someone who knows you and your work (member of staff where you are studying, the leader of an art group you belong to, a private art teacher, etc.).



The theme for the Ealing Autumn Festival 2016 and for the exhibition is Truth and Reconciliation.


The content of the Festival programme will also reference the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on April 23rd.

To be, or not to be: that is the question.

In my mind's eye.              §§§          The apple of my eye.


You must be available at the times listed below. We will ask you to supply written permission from your school, college or university if it is needed.


You will work alongside the artists of the 4020 Art Group in designing and painting the exhibition but they will not be your teacher, rather colleagues.

If you are working for a course, it may be very useful for you to match your work for the exhibition to work required by your course.


You will be involved in designing the exhibition and in putting it up and taking it down when it moves to a new venue (but you will not be required to transport it to the new venue). The exhibition will remain for 2-4 weeks at each library.


There will be “open days” at each library where you will be responsible for hosting the exhibition, talking about it, explaining it and leading art- and craftwork. We will discuss your commitment in detail and organise a rota among the artists and young artists.


First meeting with the artists to be briefed about the exhibition, confirm your dates of attendance and discuss your artistic contribution.


You will have another meeting at a mutually convenient time with a representative of the Ealing Autumn Festival to discuss your Arts Award project and requirements for part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award. 


You will agree times will be to paint alongside the artists. You will see and be able to discuss each other’s work. You will also begin to work out how the whole design of the exhibition will cohere.


All dates must be agreed at the outset of the project and, once agreed, will not be altered!!


Thursday 7 and 14 April  10.30-11.30am

Hanwell Community Centre

These mornings will be to finalise the design and the hanging of the exhibition.


Monday 18 April  time to be confirmed

The exhibition will be put up at Ealing Central Library.


Saturday 23 April

Ealing Central Library 1-4.30pm

Launch of Ealing Autumn Festival

Truth and Reconciliation Exhibition 2016

This is the big day when we present the new exhibition together with other literature, music and craftwork to the residents of Ealing.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.

Copyright of each work created for the project remains with the artist or young artist but the Ealing Autumn Festival (West London Arts Scene Limited) reserves the right to publish the work in connection with the project in any appropriate way until the end of the exhibition. The artist or young artist will be credited in each case.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

This above all: to thine own self be true.

The Sun


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