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Truth and Reconciliation Exhibition

To celebrate Shakespeare, Anne Harvey, Ealing-based anthologist and broadcaster, presented some of her favourite lines from Shakespeare’s plays.


She chose passages from “A Midsummers Night’s Dream”, “Twelfth Night” and even from “Henry V”.


They were funny, moving and heroic.


She spoke complete excerpts from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” where the naughty fairy, Puck, was in conversation with other characters.


In a tour de force she played all the parts at once - and from memory.

Launch of the Exhibition

Saturday 23rd April

The official opening took place on Saturday 23rd April.


The paintings and collage were created by Naomi Healy, Maggie Le Rougetel, Sam Rough, Helen Tyler and by a young artist, Batrisyie Hussain.


They attracted attention from many library visitors who recorded their interest and admiration in the Visitors' Book.

Ealing Central Library - Public Collage

The major part of the day was spent creating a Public Collage to show Truth and Reconciliation and Shakespeare.


The Public Collage will be a running theme throughout the tour where each library will have the opportunity to create its own collage.

During the course of the tour we will be talking about Truth and Reconciliation at the Open Days in each library and thinking how they are reflected in art and in our daily lives.


Truth and Reconciliation Exhibition

The exhibition, Truth and Reconciliation, toured all Ealing Libraries from April 18th 2016 to January 12th 2017.


It is the most extensive tour undertaken in a collaboration between Ealing Libraries, CCS (Cultural Community Solutions) and West London Arts Scene incorporating the Ealing Autumn Festival.


The exhibition showed six abstract paintings and a collage to reflect the abstract concept of Truth and Reconcilation.


The paintings and collage were created in part by artists who contributed to last year's Magna Carta Exhibition: Naomi Healy, Maggie Le Rougetel, Sam Rough, Helen Tyler and by a young artist, Batrisyie Hussain.

Open Days

Each library had its own Open Day or, during the school holidays, a series of Open Days.


Public Collage

There was a variety of activities which were open to all library visitors. An ongoing theme was the opportunity to participate in making a Public Collage to display the words: Truth and Reconcilation.


Everyone had the chance to make their own letters from fabric and different kinds of paper in a craft workshop.


Each one then arranged their letter on the collage to help spell out: Truth or Reconciliation.


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