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Magna Carta for Schools

Does life feel better if things are fair, or unfair?

What things in your life seem unfair?

What could make them seem more fair?

What are human rights?

What makes you feel free?

What stops you feeling free?

800 years ago, the people that created Magna Carta thought about these things. They felt oppressed by an unjust king. Magna Carta set out how they wanted the king to treat them more fairly, to let them feel free.

Scroll down to find out more about Magna Carta.

Key words are marked in blue. They will help you find further information on the internet for a project.

Recommened websites: BBC - Primary History - British History - The Magna Carta for Key Stage 2, KS3 Bitesize History - King John and the Magna Carta for Key Stage 3.

Email if you would like the Ealing Autumn Festival to visit your school and talk about Magna Carta.

Magna Carta

Written in Latin on parchment in 1215.

How parchment is made.

Painting by Samina Rough from the Magna Carta Exhibition.

Can you find out more?

Trial by ordeal

Feudal Society


Image of King John with the royal coat-of-arms - three lions (top left).


One side of the royal seal is shown (bottom left). This was used to seal his agreement to Magna Carta. He did not sign the document.


He was the "top-dog" in the social order. Barons were below him, followed by knights, then merchants and artisans and, at the bottom of the heap, peasants and serfs.


Why did people think he was such a bad king? What other things were unfair?

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