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Family friendly event

World premiere of a new opera

Galileo! is an exciting and gloriously funny operatic celebration of Galileo Galilei's groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy.


His father, Vincenzo, was another trail-blazer, taking a leading part in the invention of opera. With this in mind, there can be no better way to mark Galileo's 450th anniversary than in opera.


The new opera owes much to the huge success of the 2013 production of Britten's Noye’s Fludde and, similarly, calls on opera singers and instrumentalists of the highest calibre to lead a cohort of singers and players drawn from absolute beginners to experienced amateurs and brilliant young people.


Galileo! is the opera for EVERYONE to be part of. 


 Friday 10 October, 2pm

 Saturday 11 October, 7pm

 Length: approx 45 minutes  


St Peter's Church

Mount Park Road

Ealing W5 2RU

How to get there

Nearest station Ealing Broadway: 5-10 minutes walk

Central and District Lines, National Rail (Heathrow Connect)

Buses: E2, E9, 266 & E1, E8, E10, E11, 207, 427, 607, 65, 83


£20 (front rows, no concessions)

£10 (standard)
£5 (students, over 60s)

Children under 12 enter free

The Story of the Opera

There is a big bang and the universe comes into being. The Sun, the Moon and the Chorus of Stars appear. They settle down, moving through the universe and singing together happily and harmoniously.

Galileo comes along and takes a closer look at them through his new telescope. He notices things they do not know about. They find this hard to understand and become confused and upset.

When Caroline also finds fault with the stars, confusion turns to extreme anger. They decide to put Galileo on trial for his life. Will they find him guilty or not guilty?

Would you like to take part in the opera?


If you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, making costumes or just generally helping out you could have a great experience and maybe make new friends. You will be very warmly welcomed!


Email or phone 020 8567 7623.

Tell us what you like doing or ask us for more information.

In the performances, children and adults can sing in the Chorus of Stars while solo opera singers depict the Sun, the Moon and Galileo. Caroline takes a spoken part.


Massed players provide a starry soundscape representing the universe with stringed, wind, brass, keyboards, and an array of conventional and exotic percussion and electronic instruments.

The Characters

The Moon


Galileo, astronomer

The Sun


Caroline Herschel, astronomer


The Chorus of Stars


The Chorus of Stars will be sung by 100 children and young people recruited from schools in the London Borough of Ealing!


The Sun


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